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NGINX Ingress Controller

If you use NGINX as an Ingress controller and the datasource agent reports a HTTP 413 error message, it is likely that NGINX is limiting the datasource traffic. You should increase the allowed maximum body size by adding "50m" to the Ingress.

For more information about NGINX body size limit, see

Use a NodePort as Ingress

If you have issues in configuring a load balancer or Ingress, then you can change the gateway-public service to use a NodePort type within standard-external-http.yaml.

For example:

apiVersion: v1
kind: Service
name: gateway-public
app: gateway
- name: http
protocol: TCP
port: 80
targetPort: 8080
nodePort: 30036
type: NodePort

Be sure to set the ingress_url value in settings.yaml appropriately for your NodePort service configuration, for example, ingress_url: http://<worker-node>:<node-port>.