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Cloud Storage Access

The DAS supports Azure Blob storage, S3 buckets and S3 compatible bucket systems. S3 buckets can be utilized in S3 data sources, bundle registry, decisions log, and activity log exporters. Azure Blob storage can be utilized in decisions and activity log exporters.

DAS cloud storage are configured from the following data elements:

  • Storage URL: S3 Bucket or Azure Container. For example: "s3://styra-storage" or "gs://styra-storage/folder" or "azblob://styra-storage/folder".
  • Custom endpoint or S3 compatible system endpoint. For example: "".
  • Region. For example: "us-east-1", "auto" or none.
  • Access key ID
  • Secret access key

The specific setup instructions are as follows:

  1. S3 and S3 compatible bucket systems

    S3 bucket

  2. Azure systems

    Azure Blob Storage


The names "styra", and "styra-storage" are used as illustrations and can be changed to follow any enterprise naming conventions.