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Enable Partial Evaluation


Before you enable partial evaluation for a specific System, ensure that the BUNDLE_PARTIAL_EVAL feature flag is configured for your Styra DAS instance. This feature flag can only be toggled by the platform administrator.

Partial Evaluation for bundles can be enabled on individual systems on Styra DAS. The configuration for partial evaluation is toggled using a setting in the deployment parameters that are part of a system's configuration.

The following provides a sample request that updates a system's deployment_parameters.enable_partial_eval configuration. For more information, see the OpenAPI docs specific for systems.

  1. Obtain the target system's configuration using GET.

    curl -XGET -H "Authorization: Bearer ${STYRA_API_TOKEN}" \
    "<das-id>" \
    | jq .result > system-ff023b9d5a88476f9f7.json

    The above command uses jq to extract the result field from the GET /v1/systems/:id response to obtain the current configuration of the system.

  2. Edit the deployment parameters to set partial evaluation to true.

    jq '.deployment_parameters.enable_partial_eval = true' system-ff023b9d5a88476f9f7.json > updated-system-ff023b9d5a88476f9f7.json
  3. Update the target system's configuration with a PUT.

    curl -XPUT -H "Authorization: Bearer ${STYRA_API_TOKEN}" \
    -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
    "<das-id>" \

To learn more about partial evaluation feature in OPA, see the Partial Evaluation article on the OPA blog.