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Add Run Task to Terraform Cloud Workspace

Once Styra DAS has created the Run Task at the Terraform Cloud organization level, you can associate the Run Task with Terraform Cloud workspaces. Refer to Terraform Cloud's Adding Run Tasks to a Workspace documentation for full details. A summary of these steps is included below.

  1. In Terraform Cloud, navigate to the desired workspace then click Settings >> Run Tasks.

  2. Select the Styra policy check run task created by DAS from the Available Run Tasks.

  3. Select the policy check's enforcement level ("mandatory" or "advisory").

    For this tutorial, set the enforcement level to Mandatory.

  4. Click the Create button.

With the run task added to your workspace in Terraform Cloud, next you will associate this Terraform Cloud workspace with a Terraform system in DAS. Copy the Terraform Cloud workspace ID for this workspace and continue to the next step.


To associate run tasks to workspaces in Terraform Cloud, your user requires workspace administrator permissions.