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Associate a DAS System with One or More Terraform Cloud Workspaces

To associate a Terraform system and its policies to one or more Terraform Cloud workspaces, you will need to set up this mapping in DAS:

  1. Click the Add system button and enter the following information:

    • DAS Terraform system: Select a Terraform system from your DAS account.
    • Terraform Cloud workspaces: Paste the Terraform workspace ID copied from Terraform Cloud in the previous step. This field accepts multiple workspace IDs to allow you to map a Terraform system to multiple workspaces.
  2. Hit Enter on your keyboard.

  3. Click the Save changes button.

    Now, your Terraform system is associated with the specified Terraform Cloud workspace(s).


If you need to change the system associated with a Terraform Cloud workspace, you must delete the system mapping by clicking on the trash can 🗑 icon and then add a new system by clicking on the Add system button.

Verify System Mapping

To verify if your Terraform system is mapped to the Terraform Cloud workspace, navigate to your Terraform system and click on Settings >> Terraform Cloud pane.

The Terraform Cloud pane displays a configuration message with the current status of any mappings of Terraform Cloud workspaces to your system.

Figure 1 - Terraform Cloud System Mapping