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Getting Started

For this tutorial, you'll need a Terraform Cloud account and organization on either a Team & Governance or Business plan. You'll also need a Terraform Cloud user with organization owner permissions.

If you don't yet have a Terraform Cloud account, refer to the Terraform Cloud Create an account guide to create your account and organization.

Terraform CLI

You'll also use the Terraform CLI in your terminal to change infrastructure and trigger DAS policy evaluation for those changes. First, install the Terraform CLI if not already installed and then log in to your Terraform Cloud account via the CLI.


To receive Styra DAS policy evaluation feedback in the Terraform CLI during an apply command, you will need to use v1.1.9 or higher of the Terraform CLI. Using an older CLI version does not impact the policy evaluation in DAS and Terraform Cloud, and policy evaluation feedback will still be available in Terraform Cloud.