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Styra Documentation

Welcome to the Styra documentation site. Here you will find information on how to use and configure the Enterprise OPA Platform and all of its components.

The Enterprise OPA Platform includes:

  • Enterprise OPA, a performance optimized, drop-in replacement for OPA
  • Declarative Authorization Service (Styra DAS), a centralized management solution providing the control plane, policy lifecycle management, and policy governance, and
  • Developer tooling along with services and support.

Organized by platform components, these docs will show you how to use the Enterprise OPA Platform to its full potential and get your work done.

Styra DAS

Styra Declarative Authorization Service (DAS) is built on top of the open-source project Open Policy Agent (OPA) and provides authorization through policy management across the cloud-native ecosystem.

Learn more about Styra DAS

Enterprise OPA

Enterprise OPA is an enterprise-grade drop-in replacement for the Open Policy Agent (OPA) that offers:

  • Datasource integrations: Connect quickly to your Kafka, LDAP, DynamoDB, S3, SQL database, MongoDB and Vault without needing to write or manage your own plugins.
  • Secrets manager integration: Connect to HashiCorp Vault to securely use http.send.
  • Logging integrations: Send your authorization decision logs to Splunk or Kafka.
  • Live impact analysis: Check to see if your new policies impact production before they are merged.
  • Lower costs: Use cheaper cloud infrastructure because Enterprise OPA uses 10x less memory and 40% less CPU than OPA.

Learn more about Enterprise OPA


Regal is the linter for Rego, the declarative policy language used in OPA. Regal is an open source project maintained and supported by the Styra Community.

Regal aims to:

  • Identify common mistakes, bugs and inefficiencies in Rego policies, and suggest better approaches
  • Provide advice on best practices, coding style, and tooling
  • Allow users, teams and organizations to enforce custom rules on their policy code

Learn more about Regal


Connect your application to Enterprise OPA or Open Policy Agent (OPA) quickly using Styra developed and supported client SDKs.

Learn more about OPA SDKs

OPA Resources

Styra is the original creator of OPA and we've put together some resources to help you find your way around the project.

Learn more about OPA with Styra