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Styra DAS Introduction

Styra Declarative Authorization Service (DAS) is an enterprise-grade control plane built on top of the open-source Open Policy Agent (OPA) created by Styra. It provides authorization through policy lifecycle management across the cloud-native ecosystem. Styra DAS enables Policy-as-Code for application authorization and infrastructure guardrail requirements. Styra DAS allows least-privilege access through APIs, identities, systems, and services for context-rich authorization.

Styra DAS provides a centralized application for managing policy across various integration points, including Kubernetes, Terraform, microservices, gateways, meshes, and Application Entitlements. With Styra DAS, the end user can write policies for any supported integration point using Rego (a single policy language).

Using the Custom System type, Styra DAS can also work with any system that is integrated with OPA. Styra DAS provides a core policy development lifecycle that works with any OPA-compatible integration point while providing an enhanced experience for top-level use cases.

OPA is purpose-built for reasoning about information represented in structured documents. The data your service and its users publish can be inspected and transformed using OPA’s native query language Rego. Rego queries are assertions on data stored in OPA. These queries define policies that enumerate data instances that violate a System’s expected state.