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The Styra Declarative Authorization Service (DAS), built on top of the open-source project Open Policy Agent (OPA), provides a single pane of glass for authorization and policy across the cloud-native ecosystem of software systems. Using the DAS allows you to use a single language for expressing policy and a single software system for managing those policies across a broad spectrum of software systems, for example, Kubernetes, microservices, public cloud, Linux, and databases. The Styra DAS provides the world's first enterprise-grade policy-development lifecycle including policy authoring, policy testing, policy distribution, policy monitoring, and policy logging.

The Styra DAS works with any software system integrated with OPA. It provides a core feature set that applies regardless which underlying software system is integrated with OPA. As integrations become more popular, the Styra DAS adds special support to help streamline installation, policy-authoring, testing, and so on. In the end, the Styra DAS provides a unified policy-development lifecycle for any OPA use case, while at the same time providing an especially elegant experience for the most popular use cases.