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Feature Preview

Feature Preview gives you the opportunity to participate in the development of Styra DAS, by providing early feedback to influence the development of features that are not quite ready for General Availability (GA).

Development Stages

Feature Preview uses three development stages: Alpha, Beta, and Candidate.

  • Alpha: Experimental and actively in development. Significant changes during development should be expected, and the feature may or may not become part of the final product. Feedback is very likely to shape the development.
  • Beta: Feature complete and undergoing extensive quality review and testing. Feedback is greatly appreciated but significant changes are less likely at this stage.
  • Candidate: Feature complete and ready for release to production.

Accessing Feature Preview

The following steps are used to access Feature Preview.

  1. Login to the Styra DAS UI.
  2. Click the User icon > Feature preview.

Any features available for preview are displayed in the left-side of the Feature Preview pane.