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Using Bundle Promotion

Bundle Promotion copies a source Dependent bundle from a source System to a destination System.

An example use case for Bundle Promotion is when you have three Systems, for your test, staging, and production environments. Configuring these environments to use Bundle Promotion allows for each System to have environment-specific data, for example testing data in test and production data in production, while sharing the same policy code. This policy code can be authored and generated first in your test System, and after out-of-band approval can be promoted to your staging System and later into your production System.

The destination System must be the same System version as the source System and must be configured for Manual Policy Bundle Deployment.

To configure Bundle Promotion:

  1. Login to the Styra DAS UI.
  2. Select the source System for Bundle Promotion.
  3. Confirm or configure Separate data bundles and policy bundles to be toggled on. See Configuring Bundle Registry for additional information.
  4. Select the destination System for Bundle Promotion.
  5. Select Settings >> Bundle Registry.
  6. Confirm or configure Policy bundle deployment is configured as Manual.
  7. Select the source System for Bundle Promotion.
  8. Click on the Deployments tab.
  9. Select the System Dependent Bundle for Promotion and click Copy to. The Copy to dialog box appears.
  10. Select the destination System from the drop-down box.
  11. Click Copy.
  12. Select the destination System for Bundle Promotion.
  13. Click on the Deployments tab. Deployments lists the Policy Bundles and OPA Instances deployed. Bundles that have not been deployed are displayed with an ! icon.
  14. Select the copied bundle for deployment and click Deploy to OPA. A confirmation dialog box appears.
  15. Click Deploy.
  16. (Optional) On the destination System configure Policy bundle deployment as Automatic.

The Bundle Promotion is complete and the System-independent Bundle is copied from the source System to the destination System.