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Using External Bundles

External Bundles are used to configure Styra DAS to allow OPA to access bundles or services from external registries, without the bundles being accessible by Styra DAS. This feature can be used to protect sensitive data.


This is an advanced feature that should not be used unless you have a specific requirement for External Bundles and are very familiar with OPA operations.


If External Bundles are configured Decision Replay does not have access to policies and data in the External Bundles. This can cause Decision Replay to return incomplete results.


Using External Bundles might require an update of the OPA deployment.

Services Example

- name: acmecorp

See OPA Configuration for Services for more information.


Services are required to be defined in array format.

Bundles Example

service: acmecorp
resource: bundles/http/example/bundle.tar.gz

See OPA Configuration for Bundles for more information.