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GCS for bundle import Data Source

A GCS for bundle import Data Source downloads a Rego bundle in a .tar.gz archive format from a GCS bucket, and loads the files into Styra DAS. It uses Rego for transformation or filtering on data before it is loaded into Styra DAS.

Creating or Configuring the Data Source through the Styra DAS UI

Create or configure the Data Source through the Styra DAS UI.

  1. Login to the Styra DAS UI.
  2. Select the System to add the Data Source.
  3. Click the kebab icon (three dots ⋮) to the right of the System and select Add Data Source. The Add Data Source dialog box appears.
  4. Select GCS for bundle import.
  5. In Path type a new or existing path separated by /. For example, path/to/datasource.
  6. In Data Source name (required) type the name for the Data Source.
  7. (Optional) Type in a Description name.
  8. In GS region (required) select one of the regions from Bucket Locations.
  9. In Bucket Name (and Path) (required) type the bucket name and optionally a path to the bucket.
  10. In Endpoint override type a gateway endpoint. For more information, see Request Endpoints.
  11. In Refresh interval enter a refresh interval which is the amount of time between polling intervals. Default is s.
  12. In Access ID (required) type the access ID. For more information, see HMAC Keys.
  13. In Secret Access Key (required) type HMAC secret associated with the HMAC key.
  14. (Optional) Click the arrow to expand the Advanced field to configure Advanced options.
  15. Click Add.