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Notifications can be generated by a notification policy from a system or stack. The notification policy allows, for example, all denied decisions to generate a notification. Additionally, notifications can be generated by specific monitor or enforce rules.

Create Notifications

A notification is created only when a rule matches a resource.

The following shows an example monitor rule that creates a notification sent to the Slack channel #channel-name:

package policy["com.styra.kubernetes.validating"].rules.rules

# This rule will create a notification when it matches a resource.

monitor[decision] {
decision := {
"message": "Example monitor rule to trigger a notification",
"allowed": true,
"notify": {
"type": "slack",
"channel": "#channel-name"
  1. For more information on how to configure out-of-the-box notification rules or how to write Rego rules to select which decisions to post to Slack channels, see the Slack Integration page.

  2. All policies are written in Rego, the language provided by Open Policy Agent. Learn more about policy authoring at Styra Academy.