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View OPA Status

To view the status of OPA, go to Your System >> SYSTEMS >> Deployments tab.

The Deployments pane displays the following items:

  • Timestamp of the last modified status report with the user’s email address: Reports when the OPA message posted a status to the Styra DAS. For example, Last modified on 2020-07-10 08:13 by <>. Also, you can find the timestamp in the synchronization_ack field displayed in the OPA Instances status response.

  • Download policy bundle button: To use the Styra DAS system bundle with OPA CLI, click the Download Policy Bundle button.

    To download the policy bundle through the CLI:

    1. To download the policy bundle, run the following command.

      curl -XGET -H "Authorization: Bearer ${STYRA_API_TOKEN}" https://<das-id><system-id> > bundle.tar.gz
    2. To run OPA as a read–eval–print loop (REPL) or an interactive CLI with the downloaded bundle, run the opa run bundle.tar.gz command.

    3. To run OPA as a server, run the opa run -s bundle.tar.gz command. This will start OPA at the default address of localhost:8181.

  • OPA instances: Shows the raw OPA status response.


In DAS, agents that have not reported a status within 24 hours are removed.

For more information on OPA status, see the following pages: