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Migrating to Enterprise OPA from OPA

  1. Convert bundles to Enterprise OPA format
  2. Run with a license
  3. Validate your networking

Convert bundles

Enterprise OPA uses a different bundle format. To convert a bundle from OPA format to Enterprise OPA format run the eopa bundle convert command:

eopa bundle convert <input-bundle-location> <output-bundle-location>

Discovery bundles should not be converted to the Enterprise OPA format.

Refer to the eopa bundle convert CLI reference for a full list of options

Run with a license

Refer to the How to run Enterprise OPA with a license guide

Validate networking

For security reasons, Enterprise OPA only binds to localhost:8181 vs. the default :8181 in Open Policy Agent.

To modify the address where Enterprise OPA is available, specify the --addr flag when starting Enterprise OPA. e.g.

eopa run -s --addr=":8181" ...

Refer to the eopa run CLI reference for a full list of options