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Integrating with Envoy

Enterprise OPA can be used with Envoy as an External Authorization filter, and supports configuration in the same manner as the open source OPA-Envoy plugin.


Enterprise OPA supports all of the same configuration options from OPA-Envoy. An example configuration snippet enabling the plugin and several of its features is shown below:

addr: :9191 # default `:9191`
path: envoy/authz/allow # default: `envoy/authz/allow`
dry-run: false # default: false
enable-reflection: false # default: false
grpc-max-recv-msg-size: 40194304 # default: 1024 * 1024 * 4
grpc-max-send-msg-size: 2147483647 # default: max Int
skip-request-body-parse: false # default: false
enable-performance-metrics: false # default: false. Adds `grpc_request_duration_seconds` prometheus histogram metric

See the OPA-Envoy docs for additional information.