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Built by the creators and maintainers of Open Policy Agent (OPA), Styra Load is the only enterprise-grade authorization engine built to provide resource-efficient performance for data-heavy workloads while connecting natively to your existing data sources.

Styra Load is designed to offer:

  • Reduced costs of data-heavy authorization: Styra Load allows you to reduce OPA’s memory overhead by 10x and gain the ability to get 40% more CPU throughput at the policy decision point.
  • Increase integration speed: By offering the ability to natively connect to existing data sources without custom code, Styra Load allows teams to reduce development costs and get into production quickly.
  • Minimize risk with powerful analysis: Extending the industry’s only impact analysis tool, Styra Load allows policy validation early and throughout the policy lifecycle, shrinking deployment failure, and costly issues before enforcement. (Coming soon)

Hello World


Styra Load is currently in early preview. A trial license is required to evaluate the product. Please register for a license here.

Try it out

  1. brew install styrainc/packages/load
  2. export STYRA_LOAD_LICENSE_KEY=<your license key>
  3. load run -s
  4. curl 'http://localhost:8181/metrics/alloc_bytes?pretty=true'

To compare with OPA:

  1. opa run -s -a localhost:8282
  2. curl 'http://localhost:8282/metrics/alloc_bytes?pretty=true'

Note: memory usage for both Styra Load and OPA peaks at launch. Waiting a short time before checking the metrics will give more typical operational figures.

See the docs on installation, licensing and deployment for more detailed instructions on how to get started.

In this documentation, you can learn about the following: