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Compliance View

The Compliance View describes compliance options for Kubernetes, Terraform, and Custom Systems and Stacks in Styra DAS.

Working with Large Violation Counts

Systems and stacks with more than 1,500 Compliance violations may truncate the list of violations shown in the UI. To view the full list of violations, use the ValidateSystemCompliance or ValidateStackCompliance API operation with a recommended limit of 1500 to fetch the first page of violations. Use the GetNextPageOfSystemComplianceViolations or GetNextPageOfStackComplianceViolations API operation with the previous result's cursor value and limit of 1500 to fetch additional pages.

For Kubernetes Systems or Stacks with a large number of violations, review the resulting violations along with the Kubernetes Data Source Agent configuration to determine if the scope of cluster resources collected by the Styra Data Source Agent is too broad. Collecting cluster resources not evaluated by policies or resources which should be excluded from policy evaluation may result in irrelevant Compliance violations. Use the selectors, masks, and namespaces in the Data Source Agent configuration to reduce the scope of collected cluster resources.