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Styra Link

Styra Link is an opinionated workflow and tooling to manage Styra DAS using the Styra CLI. With the Styra Link workflow, you write, test, and validate your policy locally as an integrated part of your development. You use your editor or IDE; all policy code lives inside your Git repository. Updated policy is published by tracking a branch or by configuring specific commits or tags.

Styra Link supports connecting your project to a new Styra DAS System or to an existing System. It supports multiple System types, including Envoy, Kubernetes, Terraform, and Custom.

Styra Link is part of the Styra CLI. To get started, go to the Styra CLI page. Download and install the appropriate version for your operating system, then configure it via styra configure as described there.

In addition to the Styra CLI, the Styra VS Code extension is available and has built-in support for the primary Styra Link tools and workflow. Installing the extension will also automatically install the Styra CLI for you and auto-update it as needed.


Styra Link requires Styra CLI 0.8.0 or newer.


The Policy Lifecycle Management from VS Code and CLI with Styra Link blog provides additional information on using Styra Link and the Styra VS Code extension.