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Uninstall Styra DAS

The following sections describe how to uninstall Styra DAS.

Uninstalling Helm Release

Uninstalling Self-Hosted Styra DAS can be accomplished using helm uninstall. The following instructions will uninstall the styra-das Helm Release, as well as clean up the styra-das Kubernetes namespace.

# uninstall Styra DAS Helm Release
helm uninstall styra-das -n styra-das

# delete namespace
kubectl delete namespace styra-das

Uninstalling Custom Deployments

Custom methods of deploying Self-Hosted Styra DAS to Kubernetes may require their own uninstall methods. If, however, Styra DAS was installed using the single manifest file generated during Custom Installation, it can be uninstalled using the following command:

# delete all Kubernetes resources corresponding to Styra DAS
kubectl delete -f styra-das-manifest.yaml