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Upgrade Styra DAS

The following sections describe how to upgrade Styra DAS.

Upgrading Helm Release

Upgrading Self-Hosted Styra DAS can be accomplished using Helm Upgrade. Because the helm upgrade command supports a --install flag, helm upgrade can be made to work for both the initial installation and future upgrade of charts. As such, the instructions in Installing Styra DAS can be repeated to upgrade a chart. This section will include recommendations specific to the upgrade process.


For existing installations using versions of Styra DAS previous to 0.10.0, please contact your Styra Customer Success Manager for support upgrading your installation.

When upgrading from an older version of Styra DAS to a newer one, it can be tempting to re-use the previous values.yaml file. This can sometimes work, but when a version difference contains changes to the values.yaml file format, doing so can quickly lead to difficult to diagnose compatibility issues. As such, Styra recommends the following process for preparing a values.yaml file for upgrade:

  1. Download a fresh values.yaml file for the intended upgrade target by following the instructions in Downloading Default Values.
  2. Compare the values.yaml used for the previous installation to the new default ones, noting which differences are due to different field values, and which, if any, are due to differences in the fields themselves.
  3. Using the previous values.yaml as a reference, fill in the newer values.yaml with all values that are required for your specific installation.
  4. Use the new values.yaml during installation.

Once the new values.yaml file is ready, repeat the steps in either Installing from Styra’s Helm Repository or Installing From Local System as appropriate. It can be helpful to specify a --version argument to helm upgrade when doing so, so as to make the upgrade target explicit.

An example command to upgrade a Helm Repository based installation may look like the following:

helm upgrade --install styra-das styra/styra-das –version <TARGET_STYRA_DAS_VERSION> -n styra-das -f <NEW_VALUES_FILE>

Upgrading Custom Deployments

Custom methods of deploying Styra DAS to a target cluster will have different sets of best practices based on the particularities of each deployment system. Updating the Styra DAS version within a custom, non-Helm deployment should start with repeating the steps in Custom Installation, while also adhering to the following suggestions as best possible:

  • Download a fresh default values.yaml and modify settings as needed to match your old values.yaml. Attempting to re-use an existing values.yaml can lead to difficult to diagnose incompatibility issues if the values.yaml format has changed between versions.
  • Perform a side-by-side deployment of the new chart and values.yaml combination, running it in a different namespace than the previous deployment. This is generally recommended to allow validation of the new installation, as well as provide easy rollback in the case of misconfiguration.