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Configure DynamoDB

To configure Styra DAS to use DynamoDB:

  1. Set the following in values.yaml or use an override file:
#ddb.enabled: Set to true, if want DAS to use AWS DynamoDB service instead of Postgres. It Needs AWS creds or IRSA enabled.
enabled: true

# The following values are used to configure the connection to an AWS managed Elasticsearch instance
access_key_id: "<access key ID>"
secret_access_key: "<secret access key>"
region: "<AWS region>"
# To Enable the AWS IRSA (fine-grained IAM roles for service accounts), follow the steps
# 1. Update value of "aws_irsa.enabled" to "true"
# 2. Update global.serviceAccountName with the serviceAccount name which is configured with
# desired IAM role. (Note: You can use an existing ServiceAccount or create a new one. In both the cases
# the SA name has to be updated at "global.serviceAccountName".)
enabled: true # mandatory
# Create the new serviceAccount (Optional: Skip this step if the desired serviceAccount already exists)
# Update the value of "create" to "true"
# Update the values of "aws_account_id" and "aws_iam_role"
create: <set true if account does not exist>
aws_account_id: AWS_ACCOUNT_ID
aws_iam_role: AWS_IAM_ROLE
  1. Set RESOURCE_PREFIX if desired. If not set, the default is onpremises.

  2. Ensure the storage resource S3 bucket ${RESOURCE_PREFIX}-storage exists and is accessible to the service account.