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Azure Blob Storage Access

This document describes how to setup an Azure Blob storage account for DAS access. Azure Blob storage can be utilized for decisions and activity log exporters.

DAS Azure Blob storage containers are configured from the following data elements:

  • Container URL (optional folder). For example: "azblob://styra-storage-test1".
  • Custom endpoint (optional). For example: "".
  • Region: none. (not part of blob storage API)
  • Access key ID. For example: Blob storage account name.
  • Secret access key. For example: Blob storage Access Key

Secure Azure Blob Storage Access

Microsoft Azure portal

Perform the following steps to create a storage account, create a blob container, and collect the access keys. Azure Blob stoarge overview


The names "styra", "styra1" and "styra-storage-test1" are used as illustrations and can be changed to follow any enterprise naming conventions.

  1. Create an Azure storage account

    See: Create Azure storage account

    DAS on Azure

  2. Create a Container

    DAS on Azure

    Record the container name; will be used by DAS decisions and activity exporters.

  3. Retrieve account security credentials

    DAS on Azure

    Save the "Storage Account name" and "Secret key" for later use when configuring DAS decisions and activity exporters.