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Entitlements System

The Styra DAS Entitlements System is intended for teams who either need a cloud-native Entitlements service and intend to modify their applications to decouple Entitlements or need a cloud-native Entitlements service to complement their existing on-premises Entitlements System to accelerate the migration of applications to the cloud.

In both cases, it is necessary to continue utilizing an existing system of record (for example, LDAP, AD, or SCIM for groups and roles) to continue meeting its regulatory requirements for managing Entitlements. Also, there is a need for a cloud-native service that can be replicated wherever needed to ensure application requests for Entitlements are highly performant and available.

The following figure shows how organizations use a centralized service to manage Entitlements for their applications.

Entitlements ManagementEntitlements Management

The Styra DAS Entitlements System makes it easy to connect to existing systems of record. It provides an OPA-based cloud-native Entitlements service with simple instructions for how to run a replica of that service anywhere it is needed. Also, it implements the Entitlements logic on top of the systems-of-record data. The OPA-based cloud-native Entitlements service can run anywhere (any cloud, any region, or self-hosted). The following figure shows the architecture model for replacing your self-hosted Entitlements service with the OPA-based Entitlements service.

OPA-based Entitlements ServiceOPA-based Entitlements Service