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Opinionated Data Model

Styra DAS Entitlements provides an opinionated data model that makes it especially easy to start.

The opinionated data model covers the following concepts:

  • Requests: The request sent to the OPA-based entitlement service is expected to provide data in a specific schema. Recall that OPA accepts any input format, but Styra DAS Entitlements provides a well-defined input schema. For legacy applications, you can write the logic that transforms a different input format into the one prescribed. Requests reduce the need to retrofit existing defined input structures.

  • Responses: The decision returned by the OPA-based entitlement service also has a prescribed schema. That schema combines the decisions from a System and all of the Stacks that apply to it to make a final decision for the application.

  • External data: Entitlement decisions are often based heavily on data from existing systems of record, including LDAP, AD, and SCIM. The Styra DAS Entitlements service provides an opinionated object model for representing users, groups, and roles. It also provides mechanisms for mapping data from those systems of record into that model.