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Install OPA-based Entitlements Service

The goal of the DAS Entitlements system is to make it easy to run an OPA-based Entitlements service on any cloud, in any region, on any cluster where applications need Entitlements decisions. Like all system types, DAS provides installation instructions that make it as easy as possible to run that OPA-based Entitlement’s service.

The installation instructions for Entitlements are located on Your System >> Settings >> Install button and provides the following options:

  • OPA CLI: This option makes it easy to run the OPA-based entitlement system on your laptop for debugging purposes.

  • Install K8s kubectl: This option configures kubectl to install OPA-based Entitlements service.

  • Entitlements playground: This Docker based option helps you run it on your laptop along with a sample application that helps you interact with that OPA-based Entitlements service. The Entitlements playground is the preferred mechanism when testing new policies or showing presentations to others for learning purposes.