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Add and Configure a Styra DAS Terraform System

A system is Styra’s core unit for policy authoring, validation, and distribution. One or more Terraform Cloud workspaces can be associated with a Styra DAS Terraform system to enforce that system's policies against runs in the associated Terraform Cloud workspaces.

Create a New Terraform System

To begin enforcing policies for your Terraform Cloud workspace(s), you will first create a new Terraform system in Styra DAS.

  1. Click the ( ⨁ ) plus icon next to the SYSTEMS section heading in the left navigation panel.

  2. Select the Terraform system-type from the list.

  3. In the Add System › Terraform dialog, fill in the following system information:

    • System name (required): Name your new Terraform system.

    • Description: Optionally enter a description.

    • Set the Launch Quick Start switch to NO.

  4. Click the Add system button.

Your new Terraform system is created in the left navigation panel under the SYSTEMS section, and you'll be shown the Install pane for your new Terraform system type.

Configure the Terraform Cloud Integration

Configure the Styra DAS integration with Terraform Cloud run tasks by following the linked steps below:

  1. Generate a Terraform Cloud Organization API Token - Create the token for Styra DAS to integrate with Terraform Cloud.
  2. Connect Styra DAS to Terraform Cloud - Use the token for Styra DAS to create the Terraform Cloud run task.
  3. Add the Run Task to your Terraform Cloud Workspace - Add the Styra DAS run task to your demo Terraform Cloud Workspace.
  4. Associate a Styra DAS System with Terraform Cloud Workspaces - Associate your Styra DAS Terraform system with your demo Terraform Cloud workspace.