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Add a Terraform System

A system is Styra’s core unit for policy authoring, validation, and distribution. To begin enforcing policies for your Terraform Cloud workspace(s), you will first create a new Terraform system in DAS:

  1. Click the plus sign (+) next to the SYSTEMS section in the left navigation panel.

  2. Select a system-type from the list of available types.

    For this tutorial, select the Terraform system-type.

  3. In the Add System › Terraform dialog, fill in the following profile information:

    • System name (required): Name your new Terraform system.

    • Description: Optionally enter a description.

    • Set the Launch Quick Start switch to no.

  4. Click the Add system button.

Now, a Terraform system is created in the left navigation panel under the SYSTEMS section, and you'll see the Install pane for your new Terraform system type.

Click on the Terraform Cloud tab in the Install pane for steps to configure the Terraform Cloud integration. We will walk through these steps next in more detail.