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Add Users

Users with a WorkspaceAdministrator role can use the GUI or CLI to add or invite users. Users can also be granted access using SSO.

Using the GUI

In the Workspace Access Control tab, a Workspace Administrator can invite a user to your Workspace and optionally assign them a Workspace role. Users without a Workspace role can only edit their user settings and access Systems, Stacks, and Libraries where they have a role.

Invite a User

To add and invite a new user:

  1. Click on your Workspace >> Access Control tab >> Users section.

  2. In the Users pane, click the + Invite a user button below the list of current users.

  3. Add the new user's details:

    • Email address (required): Enter the user’s email address.

    • Workspace roles: Optionally select an appropriate Workspace-level role for the user (default none).

    • Send email: By default, Styra DAS will send an invite email to the user to set a password for their account. If disabled, you will be provided an invite link to provide to the user to set a password for their account.

  4. Once added, the user will be marked as pending in the user list. When the user visits the invitation link and sets an account password, their pending status in the user list is removed.

To view the status of user invitations, click on your Workspace >> Access Control tab >> Users section >> Pending pane.

Using the CLI

To create a user with the Styra CLI, run styra create user <email>, where <email> is the email address of the user (e.g., styra create user Optionally use the --password or -p flag to set a user password (e.g., styra create user --password foo123). If the user will only sign on using SSO, you may omit setting a password.

Using Single Sign-On

When configuring SSO authentication using OIDC or SAML, choose whether invitations are required for SSO users.

  • When invitations are not required, any user from your SSO identity provider can log in to Styra DAS using your DAS tenant URL. These users are automatically added to your Workspace and may not have any permissions unless granted roles via the SSO configuration or until they are granted roles by another user. Even if invitations are not required, a Workspace Administrator can still invite users.

  • When invitations are required, a Workspace Administrator must invite a user before they can access Styra DAS, even if they are registered with your SSO identity provider.


If email and password login is disabled for your Workspace, users invited who do not have SSO login access will not be able to log in to Styra DAS.