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User Authentication

Log into your tenant's Styra DAS UI through <das-id> By default, users can log in using email and password authentication. Workspace admins can configure SSO authentication using OIDC or SAML, allowing users to log in using an external identity provider, such as Azure AD, Okta, Google, Auth0, and more.

Disable Email and Password Login Option

The email and password authentication option can be disabled for tenants if at least one SSO authentication option is configured. When disabled, only the configured SSO option(s) will be shown on the log in page for your tenant, and the email and password login form will be removed.

To disable email and password authentication for your tenant:

  • Styra DAS SaaS customers: Contact your Styra Customer Success Manager or submit a support ticket.
  • Styra DAS Self-Hosted customers: Refer to the Local login section in Configure Feature Flags.

Admin Override

In tenants where the email and password authentication option is disabled, users with a WorkspaceAdministrator role can override this behavior. This is useful in cases where an issue with your SSO provider prevents normal SSO login.

To show the email and password login form, append ?showLogin=true to your Styra DAS tenant URL (e.g., Any user with a WorkspaceAdministrator role and a configured password, as well as your tenant's root user, will be allowed to log in using this method. All other users will be denied access using this login method.


WorkspaceAdministrator users without a password can use the Forgot Password option to set a new password.