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Manage Users

Existing user access can be managed at the Workspace level as well as at the System, Stack, and Library levels.

Workspace Permissions

A Workspace Administrator can manage users' Workspace-level roles in the Users section of the Workspace Access Control tab (Workspace >> Access Control tab >> Users section) by clicking on any existing or pending user in the users list.

System, Stack, and Library Permissions

User access for Systems, Stacks, and Libraries can be managed by a Workspace Administrator or by a user with an Owner role for that resource (i.e., SystemOwner, StackOwner, and LibraryOwner).

To to add or manage users' access to a System, Stack, or Library:

  1. Click on the System, Stack, or Library in the left-hand navigation bar. You may need to use the filter to find the resource or click "Show more..." under the appropriate section if your Workspace has a large number of System, Stack, or Library resources.

  2. Click the Access Control tab.

  3. Click the Users section.

Click on an existing user to manage their access or click "Add permissions" to add access for a new user.


Users with a WorkspaceAdministrator role can view and edit any System, Stack, and Library resource. Users with a WorkspaceViewer role can view any System, Stack, and Library resource.