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Policy Structure

When you create an Entitlements system, the following policies are important, most of which are automatically installed.

  • policy: A folder where all of the rules that actually make policy decisions are stored, whether you are using pre-built rules or writing your own. You can add rules in other folders too (note, this new folder can not be a child of the existing policy folder) but they need to be imported into the policy folder in some way if they are to participate in the decision-making process).

  • object: A folder which contains the Rego where you populate the opinionated object model.

  • transforms: A folder which contains Rego that transforms data from one format to another, such as transforming the input or transforming data source.

  • data sources: This folder is not automatically created, but it is where Styra recommends you to organize all of your data sources.

  • features, labels, and notifications are the same as for any DAS system. For more information on the policy system structure, see Using the Policy Builder section.

  • Labels are important to associate a DAS Entitlements system with DAS Entitlements stacks.


The system is pre-wired to have the label as system-type: entitlements, but this feature is not supported in a stack.