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Entitlements System Benefits

Styra DAS for cloud-native Entitlements provides the following benefits:

  • Cloud-Native Entitlement Service: An entitlement service that uses your data and rules and can replicate to as many clouds, continents, regions, and availability zones as you need. Entitlements can be updated without redeploying any applications.
  • Centralized Management: Centralized policy authoring, data management, and decision logs without sacrificing physically distributed enforcement. Decisions can be audited and analyzed centrally. Governance over Entitlements, how they are changed, and their roll-out are handled uniformly across all applications.
  • Performance/Availability: Run an instance of the Entitlements service as close to the applications that need them as you like, and rest assured that the distributed policies/data will be kept up-to-date. Entitlements can be primarily controlled by existing systems of record like LDAP and AD while still preserving tight controls over the load and access to those systems.
  • Development: From simple to complex authorization, implement policy complexity away from the application code into policy-as-code on top of a widely-adopted open standard, OPA. Entitlements can be read and written by users who are not developers.
  • Predictive Impact Analysis: Understand the impact of a policy or data change before it is deployed.