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Entitlements System Features

Styra DAS for cloud-native Entitlements provides the following key features:

  • Policy management lifecycle: Styra DAS provides policy lifecycle management capabilities, which include authoring policy, testing, deploying, and monitoring. It is explicitly designed to manage OPA and OPA policies throughout the entire lifecycle. Different policy authoring interfaces enable different personas to write policies and help others in the organization write policies.
  • Data management: Data management relies on data that come from one or more systems of record that are often tier 0 (tier zero) services like Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) or Active Directory (AD). Synchronizing this data with Styra DAS is required to distribute the relevant data to the OPAs that need it through encrypted channels and keep those OPAs up to date as the systems of record change.
  • Enterprise-grade governance: Often, Entitlements are the responsibility of multiple users throughout the organization. Examples of governance include ensuring proper controls over who can change policies when they can be deployed, what tests must pass, and what impact threshold must be met before release.
  • API driven: Styra DAS is 100% API driven with Styra DAS Self-Hosted or Styra DAS SaaS offering. Styra DAS integrates with tools like Git, Prometheus, Kubernetes, S3, Datadog, and Slack.