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Add a System

To connect your Kubernetes cluster to <das-id>, you must create a new Styra System.

  1. Click the plus sign (+) next to the Systems section in the left navigation panel.

  2. Select a System type from the list of available types.

    For this tutorial, keep the default Kubernetes system-type as selected.

  3. Type a user-friendly System name that helps you identify the target for a set of policies.

    For example, if the System type is Kubernetes, then you should provide a name that helps you recognize which Kubernetes cluster you are managing.

  4. Type an optional Description to provide additional details about this cluster.

    For example, if the System type is Kubernetes, you can also optionally set HTTPS, HTTP, and bypass proxy information for the cluster.

  5. Leave the Read-only switch ON to prevent other users from editing policy for this system using the policy control plane console.

  6. Leave the Launch Quick Start switch ON. After this system is added, the Quick Start sidebar will guide you through configuring the system.

  7. Click Add System.