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Next Steps


You have completed the basic steps for getting started with Styra by deploying a policy for a Kubernetes cluster. Now, you have learned the basic steps involved and how to perform the following key tasks:

  • How to select built-in rules to define the policies that reflect your organization's requirements.
  • How to validate the impact of policies on your cluster before you enforce them.
  • How to enforce policies once you are comfortable with the results.

You can perform these steps and test the results of your actions without modifying or recompiling any Kubernetes components.

Now, perform the following tasks:

  • Configure, validate, and deploy additional individual policies or compliance packs.
  • Add more systems and group them into stacks.
  • Explore decision and compliance logs in depth.
  • Integrate your policies with other tools and processes such as Git repositories, your CI/CD pipeline, and your authentication and authorization services.