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Summary: Forbidden function call

Category: Custom


This custom rule allows providing Regal a list of built-in functions that should be considered forbidden. Any call to a function in the list will be reported as a violation.

Another, more advanced, option to achieve the same result is the capabilities feature in OPA. While a more capable option, allowing things like:

  • Adding new custom built-in functions that OPA should be aware of
  • Disabling certain features not necessarily being built-in functions, like "future" keywords
  • List allowed hosts in network calls is also more demanding to configure and maintain. If you're already using the capabilities feature to forbid certain functions as part of your policy development process, there's no need to enable this rule.

Configuration Options

This linter rule provides the following configuration options:

# note that all rules in the "custom" category are disabled by default
# (i.e. level "ignore") as some configuration needs to be provided by
# the user (i.e. you!) in order for them to be useful.
# one of "error", "warning", "ignore"
level: error
# Just an example — no functions forbidden by default
# Prefer to use asymmetric algorithms
- io.jwt.verify_hs256
- io.jwt.verify_hs384
- io.jwt.verify_hs512


If you think you've found a problem with this rule or its documentation, would like to suggest improvements, new rules, or just talk about Regal in general, please join us in the #regal channel in the Styra Community Slack!