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Summary: Prefer importing packages over rules

Category: Imports

Type: Aggregate - only runs when more than one file is provided for linting


package policy

import rego.v1

# Rule imported directly
import data.users.first_names

has_waldo {
# Not obvious where "first_names" comes from
"Waldo" in first_names


package policy

import rego.v1

# Package imported rather than rule
import data.users

has_waldo {
# Obvious where "first_names" comes from
"Waldo" in users.first_names


Importing packages and using the package name as a "namespace" for imported rules and functions tends to make your code easier to follow. This is especially true for large policies, where the distance from the import to actual use may be several hundreds of lines.


Regal has no way of knowing whether an import points to a rule, function or some external data — only that it doesn't point to a package. Use the ignore-import-paths configuration option if you want to make exceptions for e.g. imports of external data, or use the various ignore options to ignore entire files.

Configuration Options

This linter rule provides the following configuration options:

# one of "error", "warning", "ignore"
level: error
# Make an exception for some specific import paths
- data.permissions.admin.users


If you think you've found a problem with this rule or its documentation, would like to suggest improvements, new rules, or just talk about Regal in general, please join us in the #regal channel in the Styra Community Slack!