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Summary: File should be formatted with opa fmt

Category: Style

Automatically fixable: Yes


Inconsistent style across policy files and repositories.


The opa fmt tool ensures consistent formatting across teams and projects. Unified formatting is a big win, and saves a lot of time in code reviews arguing over details around style.

A good idea could be to run opa fmt --write on save, which can be configured in most editors.

Tip: opa fmt uses tabs for indentation. By default, GitHub uses 8 spaces to display tabs, which is arguably a bit much. You can change this preference for your account in, or provide an .editorconfig file in your policy repository, which will be used by GitHub (and other tools) to properly display your Rego files:

end_of_line = lf
insert_final_newline = true
charset = utf-8
indent_style = tab
indent_size = 4

Configuration Options

This linter rule provides the following configuration options:

# one of "error", "warning", "ignore"
level: error


If you think you've found a problem with this rule or its documentation, would like to suggest improvements, new rules, or just talk about Regal in general, please join us in the #regal channel in the Styra Community Slack!