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Release Notes for Self-Hosted Styra DAS

Self-Hosted Styra DAS 0.13.3 was released on 07-17-23.

New Features and Changes

Enterprise OPA SQL Send Support

For Enterprise OPA users, Styra DAS recognizes the sql.send built-in in the UI policy editor and allows mocking sql.send requests during policy preview and testing.

Updated to OPA 0.53.1

The internal version of OPA used by Styra DAS has now been updated to OPA 0.53.1.

New Rego Formatting Button in UI Policy Editor

The UI policy editor now includes a "Format" button that applies the opa fmt command to the current policy.

Decision Log Upload OPA Errors Surfaced in UI

OPA decision log upload errors will now be shown as a UI toast in the Decisions tab to provide feedback to the user when OPAs cannot upload decisions to DAS.

Terraform Policy Library Rule ID in UI

Library rules with a rule ID defined in the metadata will display that rule ID on the rule snippet card in the policy editor. This is currently only defined for Terraform v2 policy library rules. The rule ID is primarily used for rule exemptions.

Slack Integration Disabled by Default

The self-hosted helm charts now include the config flag SLACK_INTEGRATION: false by default to disable the Slack integration for tenants not using Slack for system notification policies. Customers currently using or planning to use the Slack integration should set this config flag to true before deploying this update.

Fixed Issues

This section describes issues that have been resolved.

Further UI Performance and Responsiveness Improvements

The UI and API were updated to to speed up UI loading of the workspace list, including improvements for git-back systems, stacks, and libraries. Additionally, the Styra DAS UI left-hand menu will initially load up to 30 systems, stacks, and libraries each, ordered alphabetically, to limit browser performance issues for tenants with a large number of systems, stacks, and libraries. Users can load additional items in each section manually or use the Workspace filter to find relevant systems, stacks, and libraries.

Policy Editor UI Bug Fixes

Fixed an edge case which could result in a user’s manually entered policy preview input to be reset. And fixed policy editor UI multi-line code selection issue where the Esc key would not deselect the lines.

Small Screen UI Fixes

Fixed UI layout for smaller window sizes in the policy editor and on the Kubernetes Compliance Dashboard when resizing the browser window.

Fixed UI Error When Using A Custom Snippet With Invalid Metadata

If a user's custom snippet with invalid metadata is added to a policy in the UI, any parsing errors will be reported in the browser's developer console.

Fixed Extended Compliance API Rule Field Value

In certain circumstances, the Compliance API when run in extended mode did not return the rule field for every violation. This release fixes these edge cases, in particular for Kubernetes extended compliance API results.