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Release Notes for Self-Hosted Styra DAS

Self-Hosted Styra DAS 0.13.4 was released on 08-08-23.

New Features and Changes

Updated to OPA v0.55.0

The internal version of OPA used by Styra DAS has now been updated to OPA 0.55.0.

UI First Load Performance Improvements

The Styra DAS UI first load performance has been improved, particularly for tenants with over 100 systems, for both the tenant's root URL as well as direct system URLs.

Fixed Issues

Fixed Decision Search Indexing for Redacted ND Builtin Cache

Indexing of a decision log for search after Styra DAS stored the log could fail if the nd_builtin_cache in a decision was redacted through decision masking, resulting in the omission of that log from search results in the Decisions tab.

Fixed Decision Log Replay Data Source Patches

A decision log replay request could fail in cases where the request included data patches to an existing data source.

Fixed Token Expiry Custom Sender Email Address

When a custom sender email address was configured in the helm chart, token expiry emails were sent from a Styra sender email address rather than using the custom sender.

Fixed Add System Modal Closing on Decision Log Update

When adding a new system while on the Decisions tab, a decision log update would cause the add system modal to close.

Fixed Compliance Pack Removal Delay in UI

After removing a Compliance Pack from a System or Stack, the UI would continue to show the Compliance Pack as enabled.

Fixed Incorrect Decision Replay Rule Labels

During Decision Replay, the UI in some cases showed the Compliant rule label instead of Allowed or showed Denied instead of Violation.