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Release Notes for Styra DAS On-Premises 0.7.0

Styra DAS On-Premises version 0.7.0 was released on June 7, 2022.

New Features and Enhancements

This section describes new features and enhancements.

Data Sources

  • Debug charts are integrated in Styra DAS to enhance the debugging of data source agents. The debug charts allows you to watch for the memory and CPU usage in real-time.

  • Additional logging is included to resolve issues related to connecting to Styra DAS.

Styra DAS UI

  • When editing policy code, Styra DAS saves the scrolling position for all layout modes per session.

  • A new Refresh data button allows you to preview data retrieved from the data source configuration parameters.

  • When you set the SECONDARY_INGRESS_URL, it opens a second ingress gateway URL to report status and discovery. By default, only one ingress is used.

  • Additional deployment settings are included in the install commands for Kubernetes, Envoy, and Custom systems. The location for this change is on the Your system >> Settings >> Install page.

  • Support was added for the every keyword.

  • In the Create System dialog box, the toggle switch and advanced settings are updated.

  • The Download button is added to the toolbar next to Settings.

  • A Kafka option is added for User Activity Export Targets located in the WORKSPACE >> Settings >> User Activity Export pane.

  • A Test Connection button is added to the Kafka Export Configuration page located in the WORKSPACE >> Settings >> Decision Export pane. The Test Connection button allows you to test the current connectivity and validity of the current Kafka configuration.

  • In the stats section located in the System view, all stacks show matching systems count.

  • A Print tab is added to display all print() Rego output in the Validate pane..

  • The bottom preview/validation panels in the policy authoring view can now be resized both vertically and horizontally. When hovering over either the vertical or horizontal edge of a panel, the cursor changes to a resize icon displaying the direction in which the panel can be resized. The panel can be reset to the original size through cmd+click or option+click on a border of the axis. Panel sizes are saved after navigation to a new view.

  • When you click the Validation button to author policies, the Styra DAS UI displays accurate decision results.


  • Entitlements snippets support dynamic (attribute-based) and transitive (group-based) membership of users and service accounts in roles, and dynamic membership of groups in roles.

  • A new option is added to generate Delta Bundles in SYSTEMS >> Settings >> Bundle Registry. Bundle Types are shown in OPA Instance Cards in SYSTEMS >> Deployments >> OPA Instances if OPA version is at least 0.40.

Known Issue

This section describes a Known Issue.


  • When you implement OpenID Connect (OIDC) on top of Azure Active Directory (AD) Business-to-Consumer (B2C), an error message stating Issuer did not match the issuer returned by provider may occur. Click Control Plane >> question mark icon >> @ Support button) to enable a feature flag to configure an Identity Provider to skip this verification.

Fixed Issues

This section describes fixed issues.


  • Arrays and their values were not used in RBAC role mapping. Issue mapping OIDC provider claims are fixed.

Data Sources

  • Libraries and Data sources are now Relay-Workflow compatible. This ensures that a relay-server-based URL can be configured for all entities (systems, stacks, workspaces, libraries, and data sources) in Styra DAS.