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Release Notes for Styra DAS On-Premises 0.5.2

Styra DAS On-premises version 0.5.2 was released on June 30, 2021.

Release Summary

This release delivers the new features and enhancements in Styra DAS On-premises 0.5.2. The latest Release Notes for Styra DAS is available here.

New Features and Enhancements

This section describes the new features and enhancements in Styra DAS On-premises 0.5.2.



  • DAS now has a Stack Owner role. This new authorization role behaves similarly to the existing System Owner role, except it works over stacks rather than systems. A stack owner has full authorization over a stack's configuration, policies, and data sources.




Policy Builder

  • Policy Builder is now live! Policy Builder is a graphical way to read and author policies, and makes this possible for users to learn Rego. The code editor view will now have an option to toggle between code, swimlanes, and the policy editor. This feature is currently in Beta and is available to all DAS Free users immediately.


  • Starting with this release, policies and data (LDAP, UAM, Rego, and signatures) are stored using Google Cloud Storage (S3-compatible) instead of GitHub Enterprise (GHE).


  • This releases introduces the ability for users to toggle partial evaluation via API per system. Partial evaluation for bundles can be enabled on individual systems on Styra DAS. The configuration for partial evaluation is toggled using a setting in the deployment parameters that are part of a system's configuration.

Issues Fixed

This section describes the issues fixed in Styra DAS On-premises 0.5.2.