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Release Notes for Self-Hosted Styra DAS

Self-Hosted Styra DAS 0.14.2 was released on February 15, 2024.

Self-Hosted Environment Changes

Addition of BundleDependencies Table

This release includes the addition of the BundleDependencies table to enable bundle dependency reporting functionality in the next release.

New Features and Changes

Updated to OPA v0.61.0

The internal version of OPA used by Styra DAS has now been upgraded to OPA 0.61.0.

SLP and Data Sources Agent arm64 builds

The SLP and Data Sources agent builds are now compatible with arm64 systems.

Improved Git sync speed

Improved the speed of Git syncs for systems, stacks, and libraries and reduced the time between Git syncs to 60 seconds to more quickly pick up changes in connected Git repos.

On-the-fly bundle build if bundle cannot be served from registry

In cases where a bundle is not yet built for a system and a bundle download request is received, a bundle will be built on-the-fly rather than returning an error at that time.

Reduced bundle build time

Improved the performance of calculating the minimum OPA version during bundle builds, decreasing the build time for each bundle.

Reduce unnecessary System bundle builds

Further optimization of the bundle build process to reduce unnecessary builds after a System or related Stack configuration changes which does not affect bundle contents.

Skip bundle builds for no-op data source PATCHes

Bundle builds will be skipped if a Data Source PATCH does not result in a change in the data.

Bundle minimum OPA version shown in Deployments

For bundles with a defined minimum OPA version, that version is shown on the bundle in a System's Deployments tab in the UI.

Force publish policy

This feature adds the option to force publish a policy draft in the UI if there is a Rego compile error which would normally prevent publishing. Additionally, Rego parser and Rego compile errors shown in the UI during publishing contain additional details to aid in troubleshooting.

Configure data bundle contents

For systems configured to use separate policy and data bundles, you can now use the Styra DAS UI to configure which data sources to include in the data bundle (i.e., system, stack, library, and global data sources).

Fixed Issues

Fixed Data Source agent stopped sync

In some cases when running in a Kubernetes cluster, the Styra Data Source agent could stop syncing the data source during an interrupted API call, requiring the Data Source agent to be recreated.

Fixed garbage collection of context bundles

In cases where a system was configured with separate policy and context/data bundles but then was changed back to a single policy bundle configuration, bundle garbage collection could delete the old context bundles.

Fixed decision log upload error with duplicate revisions

Certain legacy versions of OPA using the legacy OPA config format may include duplicate bundle revision strings in a decision which could result in DAS rejecting the decision upload.

Fixed incorrect Git branch after config change

Changing the Git repo configuration for a System, Stack, or Library could result in the wrong Git branch being used when publishing policy changes due to the previous configuration being cached for some time. This could cause the UI to not show the changes that were pushed.

Fixed serving Enterprise OPA BJSON bundles

Enterprise OPA was not being served BJSON bundles from DAS when BJSON bundles were enabled.

Fixed policy publishing error when a stack has a Rego compile error

In cases where a policy with a Rego compile error was pushed to a non-matching stack, a system of the same type as the stack could show an error when publishing system policy changes.

Fixed blank System Monitoring and Decisions for users without required permissions

For users with System roles without access to decisions and timeseries metrics, the Monitoring and Decisions tabs were previously shown with no data populated. This change instead hides the Monitoring and Decisions tabs for these users to reduce confusion.

Fixed intermittent missing rule card data in UI

In some cases when loading the policy editor for the first time in a session, rule cards for Styra-built rules in the policy occasionally would not load the rule metadata.

Fixed System status latest bundle icon

For manually deployed systems with a new latest bundle available to be deployed, the latest bundle icon in the left-hand System list at times did not load until clicking into that System.

Fixed future keywords auto import

Fixed an issue in the editor that auto-imported future keywords even when rego.v1 was imported.

Fixed Decision Mapping dialog in System settings

The Decision Mapping dialog in System settings could fail to save a new decision mapping when using the Add decision mapping button.

Fixed git commit dialog not showing branch name

When publishing policy changes to a new Git branch, the branch name which would be created was not shown in the UI.