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Release Notes for Styra DAS

This page provides Styra DAS SaaS Release Notes for September 2023.

September 29, 2023

The Styra DAS 20230929 release delivers the following changes.

New Features and Changes

Duplicate Git Config References

Multiple systems, stacks, or libraries can now track the same Git repository reference.

Compliance Performance Improvements

Improved resiliency and performance of long-running Compliance evaluations when systems have a large data source or have a large number of violations.

Slack Notification Delivery Improvements

Improved speed and performance of sending Slack notifications in scenarios where a large number of notifications are triggered in a short period of time for a tenant.

Kubernetes Data Source Agent Improvements

Improved data source agent resiliency and performance when blacklisted groups are included in the data source agent configuration selectors (e.g., apps/v1/*: null). The data source agent will now skip discovery of Kubernetes cluster resources in blacklisted groups (if there are no resource exclusions from the blacklisted group) rather than discovering and then ignoring those blacklisted group resources.

Fixed Issues

Fixed Repo Scan GitHub Repository List

Fixed an issue where the list of GitHub repositories may not have been shown after authorizing Styra DAS to access a GitHub organization during the creation of a new Repo Scan system.

September 22, 2023

The Styra DAS 20230922 release delivers the following changes.

New Features and Changes

Additional Data in Kubernetes Compliance Violations

For Kubernetes systems and stacks, the Compliance tab now uses the extended compliance mode for consistency and to display additional resource data for each violation.

Support if Keyword on else Block in Policy Editor

The visual Rego parser in the policy editor supports using the if keyword on an else block.

Fixed Issues

Fixed Editing Meta Policy Tracked by Workspace Git

In cases where a system or stack meta policy is tracked by a workspace git configuration, the policy editor could fail to load the meta policy.

Fixed Malformed System Git Settings UI Crash

If a malformed system Git configuration was persisted via the API, a UI crash may occur depending on the malformed configuration data.

Fixed Datasource Loading Issue

In the Styra DAS UI, if the initial datasource load operation failed, the datasource would not load until a page refresh.

Fixed Policy Validation Decision Replay for Log Replay v2

When running policy validation for tenants using Log Replay v2, fetching additional decisions to replay may use Log Replay v1 instead of v2.

Fixed Incorrect Decision Input During Decision Replay

In some cases, the input JSON data shown during decision replay may not have matched the input data from the decision.

Fixed Malformed Custom Snippet UI Crash

In cases where a custom snippet had a malformed configuration or did not define required configuration data, adding that custom snippet to a policy could cause a UI crash.

September 13, 2023

The Styra DAS 20230913 release delivers the following changes.

New Features and Changes

Updated to OPA v0.56.0

The internal version of OPA used by Styra DAS has now been updated to OPA 0.56.0.

UI Compliance Improvements

Improved UI performance in the Compliance tab and during policy validation for systems and stacks with a large number of Compliance violations. Systems and stacks with more than 1,500 Compliance violations may truncate the list of violations shown in the UI.

Fixed Issues

Fixed Styra CLI Kubernetes YAML Parsing

Running the Styra CLI validate check-local command on a Kubernetes YAML manifest using --- within the data section resulted in a file parsing error.

Fixed Custom System with Custom Snippets Swimlanes

In custom system types using Custom Snippets, the swimlane view option was not shown.

Fixed Global Library Nav Tree

When using legacy Global libraries, the left-hand navigation tree may not open and close with certain folder and file structures.

September 7, 2023

The Styra DAS 20230907 release delivers the following changes.

New Features and Changes

Compliance Violation Performance Improvements

Compliance violation results are cached to improve performance of fetching the last periodically run results.

Compliance Violation API Pagination

The Compliance API supports pagination to more easily manage violation results when a system or stack has a large number of violations.

Extended Compliance Violation Aggregation

Violations returned when fetching Compliance results in extended mode are aggregated by identical violations and include details of each rule instance which returned that violation.

Fixed Issues

Fixed Kubernetes Compliance Violation Duplicate Count

In Kubernetes systems which had a rule defined multiple times, the compliance violations for each instance of that rule would be summed in the system's timeseries compliance violation count displayed in the Monitoring tab.

Fixed Bundle Build Error When Using Bundle Optimization

For systems without a defined decision masking policy and bundle optimization level configured to 1 or higher, bundle builds would fail with an undefined entrypoint error.

Fixed Git-Backed System UI Crash For Non-Workspace Users

In edge cases for users without workspace permissions, viewing a git-backed system policy could result in a UI crash.