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Release Notes for Styra DAS

This page provides Styra DAS SaaS Release Notes for July 2024.

July 18, 2024

The Styra DAS 20240718 release delivers the following changes.

New Features and Changes

SSO configuration test connection and view claims

During SSO setup, users can now test the SSO connection before saving to ensure the configuration is correct. This will trigger login via the SSO provider and return back to the SSO setup process. To aid in mapping roles to claims, the test connection flow will also display the claims returned by the SSO provider.

July 10, 2024

The Styra DAS 20240710 release delivers the following changes.

New Features and Changes

Upgraded to OPA v0.66.0

The internal version of OPA used by Styra DAS has now been upgraded to OPA 0.66.0.

Policy SBOM enabled for all enterprise customers

The policy SBOM (software bill of materials) feature has been enabled for all Styra DAS SaaS enterprise customers. For any future bundle builds, the policy SBOM will be computed by DAS for bundles which include any Git-backed system, stack, or library policies. The policy SBOM will be added to the bundle's manifest and will be available via the bundles API, providing traceability of policy packages to specific Git repositories and commit SHAs.

Support for Customer-Managed Keys

For customers with organizational requirements for Customer-Managed Key usage in Styra DAS SaaS, DAS now supports using a customer's AWS KMS key for additional encryption of customer data in DAS.

Fixed Issues

UI error when passing a set to Kubernetes library rules

Kubernetes system type library rules which allowed for passing in data for rule configuration parameters as an array could cause a UI error if a set was passed into the library rule instead.