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Release Notes for Styra DAS

This page provides Styra DAS SaaS Release Notes for February 2024.

February 21, 2024

The Styra DAS 20240221 release delivers the following changes.

New Features and Changes


Users with a WorkspaceAdministrator role can access the new DAS UI via the user menu. The new DAS UI currently implements a portion of DAS features and is being made available as a Beta to admins for feedback. Use the Exit button in the bottom left to return to the current UI experience. Please send any feedback in your support portal or Slack support channel.

Fixed Issues

Fixed missing policy rule count UI error

In some cases when loading a new policy, the UI would show an error due to a missing rule count for the package before the rule count was calculated by the backend.

Fixed UI error after clicking error message

In some edge cases, clicking on an error message in the UI could result in a UI crash.

February 14, 2024

The Styra DAS 20240214 release delivers the following changes.

New Features and Changes

DAS UI performance improvements for high number of systems

Optimizations include improvements to initial UI load for tenants with 400 or more Systems.

SLP status in UI Deployments tab

The Styra Local Plane (SLP) status is now reported in the Deployments tab when configured for a system. Kubernetes systems will always show the SLP status section.

Skip bundle builds for no-op data source PATCHes

Bundle builds will be skipped if a Data Source PATCH does not result in a change in the data.

On-the-fly bundle build if bundle cannot be served from registry

In cases where a bundle is not yet built for a system and a bundle download request is received, a bundle will be built on-the-fly rather than returning an error at that time.

Fixed Issues

Fixed decision log upload error with duplicate revisions

Certain legacy versions of OPA using the legacy OPA config format may include duplicate bundle revision strings in a decision which could result in DAS rejecting the decision upload.

Fixed Git sync timeout

In some cases when a Git repository sync runs into an error, the sync operation could block future retries. Git sync operations are now limited to a maximum of 10 minutes.

Fixed Kubernetes System dashboard decisions visibility for System roles

Users with a System role and no Workspace role could not view the decisions graph on the Kubernetes System dashboard.

Fixed data source size message showing as error instead of warning

The in Data Source dialog for data sources too large to show in the UI, the warning message was shown instead as an error message.

Fixed decision log right click context menu contents

The right click context menu in the Decisions UI showed options which were not relevant to the decision log.

Fixed git commit dialog not showing branch name

When publishing policy changes to a new Git branch, the branch name which would be created was not shown in the UI.

February 7, 2024

The Styra DAS 20240207 release delivers the following changes.

New Features and Changes

Updated to OPA v0.61.0

The internal version of OPA used by Styra DAS has now been upgraded to OPA 0.61.0.

SLP and Data Sources Agent arm64 builds

The SLP and Data Sources agent builds are now compatible with arm64 systems.

Reduce unnecessary System bundle builds

Further optimization of the bundle build process to reduce unnecessary builds after a System or related Stack configuration changes which does not affect bundle contents.

Fixed Issues

Fixed Decision Mapping dialog in System settings

The Decision Mapping dialog in System settings could fail to save a new decision mapping when using the Add decision mapping button.

Fixed incorrect Git branch after config change

Changing the Git repo configuration for a System, Stack, or Library could result in the wrong Git branch being used when publishing policy changes due to the previous configuration being cached for some time. This could cause the UI to not show the changes that were pushed.

Fixed serving Enterprise OPA BJSON bundles

Enterprise OPA was not being served BJSON bundles from DAS when BJSON bundles were enabled.

Fixed garbage collection of context bundles

In cases where a system was configured with separate policy and context/data bundles but then was changed back to a single policy bundle configuration, bundle garbage collection could delete the old context bundles.