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Release Notes for Styra DAS

This page provides Styra DAS SaaS Release Notes for June 2024.

June 6, 2024

The Styra DAS 20240606 release delivers the following changes.

New Features and Changes

Beta UI Additions

Added Branch and Draft labels on files in policy editor for Git-backed resources.

Improved indicators for deleted files in Git-backed resources

Managing policy files on a user's DAS working branch can result in situations where a file is present on the main branch but not on the working branch. The policy editor will now provide additional context for files not yet on the working branch due to an out of sync working branch and mark files present on the main branch which are deleted on the working branch.

Git branch APIs includes changed files

In addition to the existing deleted_files parameter returned by the List Git branch files APIs for a System, Stack, or Library, the changed_files parameter has been added to provide additional context when using DAS to manage Git-backed resources.

Datasource agents additional information

When no Datasource agents are found to display in the Deployments tab, an info tooltip provides context on possible reasons no agents are found if agents are expected.

Fixed Issues

Show source for custom snippets with non-standard rule head

Custom snippets with non-standard rule heads could not be inspected in the UI code editor to view the custom snippet source.

Unexpected not installed message in Systems

Systems with a datasource without a status update for more than an hour resulted in an invalid datasource agent not installed message on the system.

Policy change push with only deletion did not create deletion commit

A policy change push with only file deletions did not create a deletion commit, depending on the status of the file on the working branch and main branch.

Error on metadata policy push with Workspace Git

In some cases, pushing a policy change for a system metadata file when using workspace git could result in a UI error.

Stack notification policy pushed to Workspace Git

When using a Workspace Git configuration, a notification policy change for a Git-backed Stack could create a Workspace branch instead of a Stack branch.