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Release Notes for Styra DAS

This page provides Styra DAS SaaS Release Notes for October 2023.

October 25, 2023

The Styra DAS 20231025 release delivers the following changes.

Fixed Issues

Fixed Bundle Compile API Endpoint

When using the bundle compile API endpoint, the API could return an error when no new bundle needed to be built.

Fixed Delta Bundle Build with Root Data

In systems where a root-level data.json was present, delta bundles could fail to build.

Fixed SSO Configuration UI for Library Roles

When configuring a Library role in Workspace SSO settings, relevant resources would not be shown.

October 18, 2023

The Styra DAS 20231018 release delivers the following changes.

New Features and Changes

Enterprise OPA dynamodb Built-ins Update

Styra DAS supports defining and mocking Enterprise OPA's dynamodb.get and dynamodb.query built-ins in the policy editor.

Bundle Builder Performance Improvements

Improved policy and data change detection speed for faster system bundle build triggers, as well as improved handling of simultaneously triggered system bundle builds.

Fixed Issues

Fixed SLP Resource Discovery Failures

When discovery of a Kubernetes cluster resource in a group failed, it could result in discovery failure for resources in all groups. This update add retries to discovery failures and unblocks discovery for other groups without failures.

Fixed UI Error for Invalid Policy File Name

In cases where a policy file name included invalid characters, the UI could fail to load the policy.

Fixed Library Preview in UI

Fixed Library preview issues which may have showed no results unless previewing a selection of the policy code and may have shown an unrelated decision input to replay.

Fixed UI Error for Library Data Source Transforms

In Library data sources with an applied data transform, the UI could fail to load the data source view.

October 10, 2023

The Styra DAS 20231010 release delivers the following changes.

New Features and Changes

Updated to OPA v0.57.0

The internal version of OPA used by Styra DAS has now been updated to OPA 0.57.0.

Kubernetes node count reporting

For customers with Kubernetes systems, the workspace dashboard now includes a graph representing the monthly average node count across all Kubernetes systems for the last year. Details, including how node counts are calculated, can be found on the Kubernetes system Node Count page.

Improved metrics reporting performance

Improved performance of the /v1/timeseries/metrics API for tenants with a large number of systems, stacks, and libraries.

Fixed Issues

Fixed Kubernetes compliance violations for complex rules

In cases where a Kubernetes rule used more than one library helper function/rule, a compliance violation for that rule may not have been returned in the violation count and list of violations depending on the return value of the library helper function/rule used.

Large decision indexing Fix

Decision indexing could pause on a large decision and block indexing of newer decisions, resulting in the Decisions tab in the Styra DAS UI missing newer decisions. With this fix, Styra DAS will attempt to truncate decision fields until the decision size can be indexed, otherwise the large decision will be dropped from indexing. Truncated decision fields will be shown as **TRUNCATED** in the decision log view. This change does not affect nor modify the original decision log records.

Fixed decision right click menu

In certain contexts, right clicking in the Styra DAS UI could result in an error.

Fixed nested variable syntax highlighting

Variables with multiple levels of nesting (e.g., were displayed with incorrect syntax highlighting in the policy editor.